Hydration Station Suitability Map


Across the University of Massachusetts campus, there are currently 46 water bottle filling ‘hydration stations’, half of which are located in the main academic sector of campus, with the remainder of stations located in dormitories and residential areas. These stations provide free, filtered water to all members of the campus community. When utilized, these stations can reduce waste, environmental, and monetary costs by decreasing the usage of single-use water bottles widely available for purchase across campus. As the campus community increases, as does the campus itself through myriad construction projects – new opportunities to install, or upgrade older water fountains to hydration stations are presented, creating a unique opportunity to assess suitability for buildings on campus to become candidates for installation based on a number of factors. Current hydration station locations and usage data, as well as building usage type, and water consumption per building were considered in this study to identify prime locations for new hydration stations to be installed.

Analysis of these factors across campus was sufficient to determine positive candidates for installation of new hydration stations across the University of Massachusetts, Amherst campus. This analysis shows that there are significant areas for improvement for hydration station accessibility on campus, and suggests prime locations for convenience and maximization of impact.


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